[Thu. 1 Jun. 2017] Prof. Jong-Man Kim/Department of Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

by Manager posted May 29, 2017


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Speaker Prof. Jong-Man Kim
Date Thu. 1 Jun. 2017
Time 5:00pm
Venue #633, Asan Hall, College of Science

“Stimulus-Responsive Organic Nanotubes”


Tubular materials formed by self-assembly of small organic molecules find great utility in chemical and material science. Conventional tubular structures often lack stability because noncovalent molecular interactions are responsible for their conformational integrities. We have developed covalently-linked chromogenic organic nanotubes which are prepared by using topochemical polymerization of self-assembled macrocyclic diacetylenes (MCDAs). Crystal structures of five MCDAs having different diameters were elucidated and four of these substances were transformed to tubular polydiacetylenes (PDA) by UV-induced polymerization. Surprisingly, MCDA-1 was found to self-assemble in stacks with a tilt angle of 62.1o, which significantly deviates from the optimal value for polymerization of 45o. This observation suggests that geometric parameters derived using linear diacetylene (DA) models might not be strictly applicable to polymerization of MCDA systems. The observations made and information obtained in this study should enhance the understanding and design of stimulus-responsive rigid organic nanotubes.









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Prof. Jong-Man Kim

Department of Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


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