[Thu. 14 Sep. 2017] Prof. Dokyoung Kim/Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Kyung Hee University, Seoul

by Manager posted Sep 26, 2017


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Speaker Prof. Dokyoung Kim
Date Thu. 14 Sep. 2017
Time 5:00pm
Venue #331, Asan Hall, College of Science

“Fluorescent Molecular Sensing Systems for Disease Diagnosis and Bio-imaging”



Understanding the molecular interactions in biological systems is of fundamental importance. Various types of assay and imaging tools have been developed for studying diverse biological processes as well as for diagnosis/imaging of disease. Among these tools, fluorescence methods have received great attention as they enable sensitive in vivo detection and imaging by relatively simple operation. Fluorescent probes with desirable sensing properties (analyte selectivity, sensitivity, bioimaging capability, etc.) are essential for the investigation of molecular interactions and thus have been extensively used in biochemical, clinical and environmental research areas.

Speaker, Dr. Dokyoung Kim, have synthesized multi-functional fluorescence probes for biologically important analytes such as enzymes, gas, metal ions, biological environmental changes, and disease biomarkers. In this talk, speaker will present his multidisciplinary research experiences with key results to probing disease-associated biological process and bio-imaging of biomarkers. Topic 1: Cancer (target: kinases). Topic 2: Alzheimer’s disease (target: amyloid plaques).


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