[Mon. 16 Oct. 2017] Prof. Kirk S. Schanze/Department of Chemistry, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA

by Manager posted Oct 13, 2017


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Speaker Prof. Kirk S. Schanze
Date Mon. 16 Oct. 2017
Time 5:00pm
Venue #331, Asan Hall, College of Science

“Conjugated Polyelectrolytes in Biosensing and Disinfection”


Conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) featuring poly(phenylene ethynylene) and poly(thiophene) backbones substituted with ionic solubilizing groups are water soluble.  These materials display a variety of interesting properties, including self-assembly into nanoscale aggregates, ability to process into layer-by-layer films and optical/stimuli responsive behaviour in the presence of ions, surfactants and biomacromolecules.  We have explored the use of cationic CPEs as fluorescent sensors for polyphosphates (pyrophosphate, ATP and ADP).  In addition, cationic CPEs exhibit strong light-activated biocidal activity vs. a broad spectrum of bioagents, including bacteria, virus particles and spores.  The talk will overview recent work in this area, including the interaction with cationic CPEs with mammalian cells.


Prof. Kirk S. Schanze

Department of Chemistry, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA


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