[March 5. 2019] Innovation@Agilent

by webmaster posted Feb 28, 2019


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Speaker Dr. Darlene Solomon (Agilent Technologies Inc.)
Date Tuesday. 5 March. 2019
Time 2:30pm~3:30pm
Venue #331. Asan Hall. College of Science


Innovation @ Agilent


 Dr Darlene Solomon, Agilent Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, will provide insights into the global footprint of Agilent and the research environment Agilent is investing in to support our customers, both in terms of product development and longer term blue sky research that will ensure Agilent remains an industry leader in the Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis to therapeutics and diagnostics continuum. The talk will be delivered in an open format that encourages interaction and discussion with established researchers and emerging scientists and students




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