Fine-tuning of wettability in a single metal–organic framework via postcoordination modification and its reduced graphene oxide aerogel for oil–water separation

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author Chang Seop Hong
journal Chemical Science (Chem. Sci. 2019, 10, 2663.)


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Sunhwi Eom(제1저자)


 Elaborate control of wettability in a single platform is essential for materials’ applications towards oil–water separation, but it still remains challenging. Herein, we performed postcoordination modification of Mg2(dobpdc) with monoamines of various alkyl chain lengths, enabling both long-term hydrolytic stability and facile fine-tuning of wettability. An efficient separation of oil–water mixtures was achieved by using the octylamine-appended framework (OctA). We also prepared an OctA/reduced graphene oxide aerogel that showed exceptional absorption capacities towards organic solvents and oil as well as superb recyclability with maintained absorbency.


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