Ga‐Based Liquid Metal Micro/Nanoparticles: Recent Advances and Applications

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author Kwangyeol Lee, Hyo Jae Yoon
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Hyunsun Song(지도교수: 윤효재), Taekyung Kim (지도교수: 이광렬),

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Seohyun Kang (지도교수: 윤효재), Haneul Jin (지도교수: 이광렬)

/ 공동  제 1저자


Liquid metals are emerging as fluidic inorganic materials in various research fields. Micro‐ and nanoparticles of Ga and its alloys have received particular attention in the last decade due to their non toxicity and accessibility in ambient conditions as well as their interesting chemical, physical, mechanical, and electrical properties. Unique features such as a fluidic nature and self‐passivating oxide skin make Ga‐based liquid metal particles (LMPs) distinguishable from conventional inorganic particles in the context of synthesis and applications. Here, recent advances in the bottom‐up and top‐down synthetic methods of Ga‐based LMPs, their physicochemical properties, and their applications are summarized. Finally, the current status of the LMPs is highlighted and perspectives on future directions are also provided.




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