Courses Descriptions

Major Courses (Opens every year)

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CHM508 Seminar [3]
CHM511 Advanced Quantum Chemistry [3]
CHM512 Molecular Spectroscopy [3]
CHM513 Advance Organic Chemistry [3]
CHM515 Advanced Organic Synthesis[3]
CHM615 Physical Inorganic Chemistry [3]
CHM635 Advanced Analytical Chemistry [3]
CHM636 Chemical Analysis of Surface [3]
CHM645 Chemical Research Methodology I [3]
CHM646 Chemical Research Methodology II [3]
CHM655 Advanced Macromolecular Chemistry [3]
CHM721 Organometallic Chemistry [3]

Major Courses (Opens biennially)

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HM517 Advanced Organic Spectroscopy [3]
CHM601 Statistical Thermodynamics [3]
CHM605 Electrochemistry [3]
CHM606 Chemical Kinetics [3]
CHM608 Laser Chemistry [3]
CHM609 Introduction to Mass Spectrometry and its Applications [3]
CHM616 Nano Chemistry [3]
CHM623 Stereochemistry [3]
CHM624 Asymmetric Organocatalysis [3]
CHM626 Supramolecular Chemistry [3]
CHM627 Bioorganic Chemistry [3]
CHM632 Electron Microscopy [3]
CHM702 Seminar on Physical Chemistry [3]
CHM704 Special Topics of Physical Chemistry [3]
CHM713 Seminar on Inorganic Chemistry [3]
CHM714 Special Topics of Inorganic Chemistry [3]
CHM715 Nano Materials Chemistry [3]
CHM716 Bioorganic Chemistry [3]
CHM718 Inorganic Materials Chemistry [3]
CHM723 Seminar on Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry [3]
CHM724 Special Topics of Organic Chemistry [3]
CHM726 Chemical Biology [3]
CHM728 Catalysis in Chemistry [3]
CHM732 Seminar on Analytical Chemistry [3]
CHM733 Special Topics of Analytical Chemistry [3]
CHM753 Macromolecular Syntheses and Reactions [3]
CHM734 Advanced Instrumental Analysis [3]
CHM822 Research in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry II [3]
CHM831 Research in Analytical Chemistry I [3]
CHM832 Research in Analytical Chemistry II [3]
CHM851 Research in Macromolecular Chemistry I [3]
CHM852 Research in Macromolecular Chemistry II [3]

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