Park, Kee-Chae

  • 1954 ~ 1979
  • 1981 ~ 1985
  • Analytical chemistry

Han, Man-Woon

  • 1955 ~ 1979
  • Physical chemistry

Kim, Kak-Choong

  • 1965 ~ 1971
  • Physical chemistry

Kuk, Soon-Woong

  • 1955 ~ 1968
  • 1978 ~ 1992
  • Biochemistry

Kim, Tae-Rin

  • 1956 ~ 1991
  • Organic chemistry

Kim, Si-Joong

  • 1955 ~ 1997
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Vice-president

Shin, Doo-Soon

  • 1971 ~ 2000
  • Physical chemistry

Won, Yi-Sook

  • 1971 ~ 1983
  • Organic chemistry

Choi, Young-Sang

  • 1979 ~ 2005
  • Physical chemistry

Jin, Jung-Il

  • 1974 ~ 2007
  • Polymer chemistry

Chair, Tong-Seek

  • 1972 ~ 2009
  • Physical chemistry

Chung, Bong-Young BIOGRAPHY

  • 1977 ~ 2010
  • Organic chemistry

Kim, Kang-Jin

  • 1981 ~ 2012
  • Analytical chemistry


  • 1985 ~ 2014
  • Organic chemistry

Kim, Keon

  • 1979 ~ 2015
  • Physical chemistry


  • 1993 ~ 2016
  • Inorganic chemistry

Nakcheol JungBIOGRAPHY

  • 1998 ~ 2019
  • Organic chemistry

Seung Joon Jeon HOMEPAGE

  • 1989 ~ 2019
  • Physical chemistry

Jong Ho Choi

  • 1997 ~ 2020
  • Physical chemistry


Chung, Bong-Young

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Ho Gyeom Jang

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Nakcheol Jung

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