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Notice for Recognition of Attendance due to the COVID19 Vaccination



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I. Application for Recognition of Attendance

A. Apply through KUPID > Course > Class Activity > Acknowledgement of Attendance with supporting documents attached.


B. Reason : "그밖에 부득이한 사유"



Reguired Documents
The very day of vaccination

certificate of vaccination

one or two days after

Abnormal symptoms a)

 more than three days after

Abnormal symptoms a)

medical certificate b)


C. Documents

a) Abnormal symptoms: pain or swelling at injection site, redness, fever, pain, headache, muscle chills, nausea, diarrhea, allergic reation, etc

b) If absence continues more than 7 days due to persistent abnormal symptoms, a medical certificate, issued by the hospital affiliated with the university or other general hospitals, is required.


D. If vaccination happens two times due to the type of vaccine, same standard will be applied for each time.


2. Process attendance recognition for faculty members


A. Check the student's attendance request in the knowledge portal (Lecture → Lecture Preparation → Attendance Request Check)

Students' attendance requests are also notified via email.

B. When entering grades, check the attendance recognition application details by subject and reflect them in the attendance.

C. Whether attendance is recognized: Attendance is recognized if the student applies with relevant supporting documents according to the 'Vaccine Public Payment Operation (Proposal)' of the Ministry of Education.


3. Notes

A. Other attendance and grade processing standards are in accordance with the "Guidelines for Attendance Recognition".

- Even if attendance is recognized, grades can only be assigned to students whose actual attendance is at least half of the total number of class days (Article 7, Paragraph 1).

- In principle, attendance recognition should be applied in advance, but if it is unavoidable, it should be applied within 10 days after the end of the reason (Article 5).

B. If you suspect that an adverse reaction has occurred, contact 1339 or the competent health center, and if a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis, etc.) occurs, immediately call 119 or go to the nearest emergency room.

C. For more information on adverse reactions and how to deal with them, please visit the Immunization Assistant website (https://nip.kdca.go.kr) under 'Check your health status after immunization'.

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