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Special Leave of Absence for Graduate Students for Semester 1, 2022



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Graduate School COVID-19

2022 Spring Semester Special Leave of Absence Notice


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Special Leave of Absence can be permitted for Spring Semester of 2022. This case is not included into the total period of Leave of Absence also not calculated during your study in KU, which Freshman or Transfer Student can apply for.


Temporarily, this Special Leave of Absence is possible to apply in case student can’t start this semester or continue the study due to COVID-19 situation you can have during 2022 spring Semester.


1. Target : Freshmen/Tranfer/Course Completed Student who can meet one of the below conditions as Graduate School student

A. COVID-19 infected or confirmed patient who can’t start semester or continue study.

B. Who can’t come to Korea from Countries where the restriction of arrival to Korea effects

at time you apply ‘Special Leave of Absence’ for 2022 Spring Semester

- Only who stay in the Countries as indicated at http://www.0404.go.kr/ from

MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


2. Period of Application and the Withdrawal Policy

A. When : from February 1(Tue.) ~ May 30(Mon.) 16:00, 2022

B. Where to register : Each department (http://graduate.korea.ac.kr/grad/department/major.do)

C. Tuition Withdrawal

1) Freshmen or Tranfer Student who apply by March 17(Thu.) 16:00 can be refunded 100% of tuition fee except Entrance Fee. In case of enrolled Student, the 100% of tuition fee can be withdrawn if you apply by that time.

2) From March 18(Fri.), it’s possible to be withdrawn based on “General Tuition Refund

Policy” not following above condition

D. In case of Awardee of scholarship for this semester, all amount of scholarship will be

redeemed if you’re confirmed as COVID-19 2022 spring Semester Special Leave student.

* Your scholarship can be carried over and permitted to next semester when you register

if you can meet one of the below conditions.

1) If you return to school after solving your issues related with COVID-19 and special leave

2) This can be eligible to only for scholarship awardee from Korea University not other

institution. (Regarding Foundation Scholarship, you should follow the guideline from them.)

3) For other reasons except the above, basic guideline and regulation of scholarship is

applicable. (Scholarship awardee can’t preserve the qualification of that if they apply

the leave of absence basically)



3. Documents needed

A. Special Leave of Absence Application [Attachment 1]

B. Confirmation Letter(Chief Professor or Advisory Professor) [Attachment 2]

C. Proof to submit

- COVID-19 infected or confirmed patient(if possibly having symptom) verifying confirmation document

- Visa issuance not permitted document from the embassy

(Applicable document to prove your denied visa)

D. Tuition Fee Refund Form [Attachment 3]

- Bank Account(KUPID-portal uploaded) to be refunded (mandatory)


4. ETC.

A. only for 2022 Spring Semester to register “Special Leave of Absence”

B. Freshmen / Tranfer should register for this first semester and then can apply for this special

leave and withdrawal

C. Who comes to Korea enrolled in KU without the Leave of Absence, unless arrived to Korea by middle of February can be restricted to participate in class which starts March 2(Wed.) because 14-day quarantine policy was strengthened these days.


※ For the further inquires, please contact each department directly.



January, 2022


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