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2023 Academic Year Spring Semester Graduate Comprehensive Examination Announcement



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2023 Academic Year Spring Semester Graduate Comprehensive Examination Announcement

1. Examination Types (Comprehensive exam exemption system has been abolished)

a. Written Examination

b. Oral Examination: Conducted on subjects designated by the department such as major and dissertation

※ For detailed information on the comprehensive examination methods of each department, refer to the department regulations.

2. Eligibility for Application

a. Master's Program: Must have earned at least 12 credits and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

b. Doctoral Program: Must have earned at least 21 credits and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

c. Integrated Master's-Doctoral Program: Must have earned at least 30 credits and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

※ Earned credits must be from major courses (excluding research guidance, prerequisite, and advisor-designated courses)

※ Comprehensive exam can be taken regardless of foreign language exam results or enrollment status

※ Departments that restrict comprehensive exam eligibility for those who have not completed advisor-designated (prerequisite) courses must confirm completion of these courses before allowing the exam

※ Since the first semester of 2019, the eligibility credit requirements for comprehensive exams have been relaxed (General Graduate School implementation rules changed). However, check with the graduate administration office as there may be separate application criteria for each department.

3. Application for Examination

a. Period: March 6, 2023 (Mon) – March 8, 2023 (Wed) *Strict adherence to the application period

b. Location: Online application / Each department's administrative office (Chemistry students must bring a transcript to apply at the department administrative office)

c. Application Method: Submit 'KUPID portal online application' or 'Comprehensive Exam (written/oral) application form'
   ※ If applying online, be sure to confirm your application details:
   KUPID → Apply/Check for Various Exams → Apply for Comprehensive Exam → Check if all the subjects you applied for have been registered correctly
   ※ If you need to apply with an application form due to unavoidable circumstances, fill out all the required information and submit it with the confirmation of your advisor and department head

4. Written Examination Period and Location

a. Conducted at the designated time and place of each department between March 15, 2023 (Wed) and March 24, 2023 (Fri)

b. Contact the department administrative office for the exact time and location

* Due to COVID-19, wearing a mask is mandatory when entering the written examination room

5. Announcement of Successful Candidates

- April 14, 2023 (Fri) at 2:00 PM (scheduled)

- Check on the personal portal (KUPID) under 「Academic Status/Graduation → Apply/Check for Various Exams → Check Pass Details」

※ For further inquiries regarding the comprehensive exam, please contact your department administrative office.

February 2023

Graduate School Administrative Team

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